If I had a Favorite Place

I could see it extending just above the treetops, looking out across at it from a mountain temple. The stone tower stood in solitude ...

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World Cycling Tour: Southern Africa

It’s probably not hard to imagine that this was my favorite leg of the world tour. The traffic to nature ratio was excellent.

In World Tour, Cycling, Feb 14, 2023

World Cycling Tour: Eastern Europe

It’s not any scarier that Western Europe, just a little rough around the edges. Still, you’ll be surprised at the marvels laying all the way “over there”. My first tho...

In World Tour, Cycling, Oct 16, 2022

Enshi to Chongqing - Chinese New Years

My last big trip in October went halfway across Hubei Province to the Three Gorges Dam, and just beyond that is EnShi. Its elegant black building complex was a scroll-stopper on a tra...

In China, Cycling, Feb 14, 2022

Gorgeous Panoramas of Cycling Guangxi

Guangxi (West Guang) is the province next door to Guangdong (East Guang) where I live. Much less developed, but way more scenic. Most people who've been to Southern China have visited...

In China, Feb 12, 2022