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Thirty will be here before you know it

When you have an idea in your head it’s hard to get it out. A shame too because what ends up happening never matches the scene your mind plays out. My 30th birthday present to myself ended up being the hardest thing I’d ever experienced. And cycling the world was the easy part.

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I'm not a Cyclist.

I'm just a hungry ghost roaming the earth who figured out that adventure cycling is cheap, freeing, and oh so rewarding. What the road gave, was more than I bargained for. But I just took it one mile at a time, and then one kilometer at a time once I got to Europe.



There are so many aspects to adventure cycling, it would be a shame to pump out a how-to guide. You'd miss the adventure of it. The story is dotted with tips that never really feel like tips. This is a book that makes people say, “I read that somewhere.”



It's a shame it'll (probably) never get published. Truly is a one-of-a-kind story, and not just what happens. The set-up, the illustrations, the dad joke — they're all my own.



When you're out there ten, twelve hours a day without music or company, your mind tends to wander quite a bit. Everything that's going on, everything that got pulled into the trip is there, on your back, and you may not be able to shake it.



My story can't compete with fiction. Why should it? Worlds created mean nothing when you can conquer the real one.